Monday, October 6, 2014

Lifetime Friendships.

A couple of weekends ago, I had a girls weekend in the city. This reunion was years in the making. We kept on saying that we had to get together but things would fall through. This year we decided that we were either going to do it or shut up. I'm so glad that we finally did it!

The five of us have not been together in over two years which is crazy since in college we were together every single day.
But that's the joy of college, living in that little bubble that you hope no one would ever pop.

Our friendships began rather simply. Sorority meets gal, gal meets girlfriends. To be honest, I'm still unsure why I joined a sorority. I'm not going to say I'm not a sorority type of girl (because obviously I joined one) but to this day I have no idea why I did it. Especially considering I was already a sophmore and had friends. But there is one thing I am certain of and that is I don't have one regret.

I figure I can give a little backstory on the friendships because, why not?
I don't think these women have been mentioned much on this blog and well, shame on me.

Stacy was my pledge sister (and matron of honor) and we hit it off right away. Out of all my girlfriends we have the most in common. Our personalities are so similar it is scary. We tend to think the same way on many subjects. Of course, there are some differences. Stacy is shy so often times she comes off as a snob, at least that is what everyone tells her when you finally get to talk to her. I made sure to let her know and well she made sure to let me know that I have that mean face so when I'm not smiling I look as though I just might shank you. Instant friendship.

The following pledge class, Charmion entered the picture. She is a complete nothing phases me type of person. She is so laid back that she was almost too laid back, but I've learned that, that type of person is always needed in a group of women. Someone to shrug her shoulders and say, So? What's the big deal? It was not too long that she was part of our "group".

And after that pledge class came good ole Sherie. Sherie and Charmion both grew up together in Dominica, a small island in the Caribbean NOT to be mistaken for the Dominican Republic! Yes, they always, always had to say this when they shared where they are from.

Sherie had the baby face who could make you laugh until you couldn't breathe. I think it was because she looked so innocent that sometimes the things that came out of her mouth was just not right. She fit right in.

In our sorority we were called the Fab Four. When one person wasn't there someone would always ask where one of us was. We did so much together. Ate our meals together, studied together, went out together, shopping, you know the typical things college students did.

Stacy and I lived together off campus and we would have the best time sharing clothes and experimenting in the kitchen.
OK, I take that back, I experimented in the kitchen and Stacy would be brave and try it.

And then there's good ole Mrs. Jihae. Jihae was one of my very first friends I made in college. She never joined the sorority (regardless of the many times I asked her to!) but she became an honorary member at least in the four of us minds. She is absolutely stunning and does not know it. I'm serious. I often use to ask her, "How do you not know?!" Not only was/is she stunning but she was a great friend to have in college. When we met our freshman year she called me Summer for the first couple of weeks. When I finally realized she was calling me summer and called her out on it she saved herself and said, "It's because you have such a summery personality". Not sure what that meant but we became great friends after that.

And with that, we were inseparable.

We could not bear not being together after college (I know, so lame!) that after college Charmion, Sherie and I moved into our first big girl apartments after college together for the next 3 years. We have the best and most ridiculous stories of living together and if I'm to be honest it truly was the most carefree time of my life. Life was so different after college. You're in the real world but still so young so going out every weekend and shopping for a new outfit every weekend was no big deal. Yeah, you had a real job but you could still handle yourself with four hours of sleep.

But then life happened. Charmion moved to Buffalo NY to pursue her PhD (she now lives in Denver with her husband) and Sherie got married. At this point, Stacy was already married for about two years and Jihae was living in NYC, her dream all through out college was to live in the city.

Life has added years and experience. As a whole we have gone through marriage, divorce, deaths of close family members, babies and pregnancy.

It was incredible to see just how much we've changed but have stayed the same over the years.

This weekend reminded us that regardless of distance and time, no matter where we go in our lives, true friendships will always remain true friendships. That bond we created in college was still there and that made the weekend unforgettable.

Pictures to come shortly.


EmilyJane said...

I LOVED this. I love the throwback Faith. Early 20s was such a fun time. and just like you i could party my ass off and be perfectly fine the next day at work. I have more then a glass of wine and I have a bottle of Excedrin close by.

Loved reading your stories of all your pals.

Christina Marie said...

LOVED this post! It reminded me of some of the stories I have with my girlfriends :) So fun to hear about how you all became friends ... and you're truly blessed to have a couple of lifetime friends <3

Dee said...

What a fun post and I enjoyed all the pics. I'm so glad you ladies were finally able to get together after all this time... :)

Law_Fal said...

Aww this made watery-eyed. So much like my girlfriends and I were! College was so epic. That was truly a magical time.

Highly Favored said...

Can't wait to see the pictures from your reunion!

two birds said...

I love friendships that can pick up right where they left off! What a beautiful group of friends!

Tomes Edition said...

Awww this was really sweet. Love how you guys still keep in touch. True friendships are worth saving. Can't wait to see the recap.

Kimberly Brown said...

That's the best kind of friendship! :)

Heather said...

Lifetime friendships are so special. I've felt lonesome for my three longtime friends ever since I moved to DC, but when we get together, it's like nothing has changed.

Nancy said...

I'm so happy you got to be with your best friends! I crave this with about 5 people in my life!
I am so happy you did this!

Desiree Macke said...

I love how the college experience can take the most unexpected people, place them in your life, and create friendships that last forever!

Mrs. K said...

So cool. Looks like some awesome friends. I don't have many girlfriends but I have a few very close friends from college but we don't live in the same city. Although, if we did, I'm not sure how much hanging out we would do. LOL. I'm kinda lame and I spend a lot of my time with hubby and the kids. The awesome thing though is that I know I can call on them if I need them and vice versa.

Pegster said...

This was such a fun post, I loved taking this trip down memory lane with you.

Lifetime friendship are the best. I love that you can go months even years without seeing such friends and you pick up right where you left off.

Excited to see pics of your hang out.

Kacie Ellis said...

Lifelong friends are the best!

Kacie Ellis said...

Lifelong friends are the best!

Kacie Ellis said...

Lifelong friends are the best!

Brandi said...

Can you believe I'm crying?! This was such a sweet post. Glad you have such wonderful lifelong friends.

Tenecia said...

Love this!


Vett Vandiver said...

what a special friendship, warms my heart!

Life with J and J said...

I truly enjoyed reading this post. Girlfriends are THE BEST! They always have a way of reminding you of just how blessed you are because they contribute to that blessing.

Looking forward to reading about the rest of your adventures.

Beauty said...

Awww, so, so sweet. You all are a beautiful and stylish bunch.

Cece said...

You are all so lucky to have each other. It's the kind of friendships you see on TV-yet you actually have it!

Ashley R said...

What a fun throwback! SO many great photos.