Monday, March 23, 2015

Baby Showers & Pageants.

A few weekends ago, Sean and I went to Upstate NY for a baby shower and our niece's pageant.
I remember once upon a time when it was only invites to weddings and now only invites to baby showers.

Nicole and her husband decided not find out the sex (I have no idea how people do it because I'm so darn nosey and don't really care for surprises, at.all).

It was sheep themed and I know there was a cute reason for it but as I'm writing right now I have no clue.
The shower was in a building that was over 200 years old and I wish I took pictures of the inside but I never did get around to it.
Old buildings and their character get me every time.

This was so delicious!
Nicole, I cannot wait to meet little baby A! ♥
After the shower we quickly drove to get to Nadiyah's pageant in time.

She was so adorable and to be honest I planned on taking lots and lots of pictures but for some reason seeing her on stage just made me stop and watch her in awe. The fact that I knew her when she was in her mom's belly, and then being my flower girl when she was all but 2 years old, to now seeing a little person who is able to perform in front of an audience. Let's just say that my mind was blown.

She danced to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and she did so, so amazing.
She won talent for her age group and she earned it!


  1. That sheep cake is EVERYTHING. The food looked so delicious! I don't know how she can stand not knowing, but I'm impatient ;)

    Your niece is beautiful! Great job on the talent performance little one!

  2. Looks like such a beautiful shower.

    Your niece is so cute! They do grow up fast!

  3. Unique theme for the shower. Congratulations to your friend.

    Your niece has grown a lot. I'm sure you all are so proud of her.

  4. What an adorable shower theme!!

    And, congratulations to your niece for winning her age group!

  5. That sheep cake is so cute! And I'm with you -- I would never be able to wait to find out the baby's gender.

  6. Such great pictures! Idk if I would be able to stand the suspense of not knowing the sex of the baby lol! And I bet she did amazing in the pageant. Shes growing up so fast!!!!

  7. Great post. Your photos are lovely, and you look radiant! :)

  8. Awww, that shower looks SO cute! Aw. Great to spend time with everyone. :)

    p.s. You look beautiful!

  9. It looks like the shower turned out lovely and I don't know what kind of cake that was, but it sure looked delicious. That is such a pretty dress that Nadiyah's wearing and I like the cute top you're wearing too, Faith. Hugs... :)

  10. Your niece is so adorable. I love themed events. I;m sure the cake tasted awesome.

  11. Your friends and family throw the best parties!! Seriously. Your niece gets cuter and cuter.


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