Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cherry picking fun


We missed strawberry picking by two days. TWO DAYS! If you know me, you know that strawberries are my favorite fruit. When one of the workers informed us that there were only cherries to be picked you can say that I was slightly disappointed. I dislike(d) cherries with a passion. But I decided since I was already there, I might as well pick for Sean since he likes cherries.

It was such a fun activity to do. So relaxing and the beautiful scenes/views was the cherry on top (see what I did there?).

Cinthia's mom and Evanni (Margaret's daughter) were eating the cherries as quickly as they were placing in their containers. But no worries, the owners actually encouraged us to eat as we picked. Me? Didn't try one.

When I got home, I cleaned the cherries and placed in a glass container that way it would be easy for Sean to grab and snack on. I decided to let go of my very many years of dislike for cherries and give it a try one more time. Imagine my surprise when I tried a second and a third and so on. Wouldn't you know it, my taste buds changed! I’m officially a cherry lover. I still haven’t tried the ones that they top on drinks because those I think I’ll still hate but I’ll call this cherry picking "adventure" a success.

IMG_6700 IMG_6715


IMG_6740 IMG_6738


IMG_6721 IMG_6723


IMG_6729 IMG_6730


And although I picked the cherries for Sean, I basically ate all the cherries by myself. I think he had about five. Sorry, babe.

This is an activity I see myself doing for years to come. So, tell me. What fruit/food did you absolutely hate that you now love?


  1. Spinach!
    Creme of Wheat!

  2. Good for you giving it another try! I LOVE the taste of cherries, but shortly after discovering how yummy Bing cherries are, I developed an allergy to them! Ugh... You can eat all of mine. :)

  3. I love strawberries, but they make my throat itchy :(. I'm not a big fan of cherries, or raspberries/blueberries etc.

    I used to hate tea. I now LOVE it. Especially black chai tea. I also used to hate BBQ sauce... I now eat it like it's my job. Wings please!

    The only food I've always hated and still hate are olives. BLAHHH

    Beautiful photos Faith <3. I'll have to try one plucked from it's source rather than the store.

  4. This looks so fun! I love cherries!

  5. Sweet potatoes, lima beans, onions. Now I love them!

  6. I love love love cherries!!! What a fun activity. I can't have cherries since I am on Atkins but I look forward to the days when I can slowly reintroduce it into my diet :-).

    This is an activity I'll have to plan for the girls next year. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Haha how exciting that you found you actually love cherries!! Maybe someday I'll have this same realization with bananas...... Hmm, probably not! (I know, I know. Everyone thinks I'm CRAZY!)


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