Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Waste of spaces.

I often want this space on the internet to be light and fun but it is also my diary of sorts and I can’t leave it blank from what’s going on in our world. Let’s just say that I’m at the angry stage. I was in disbelief at first (not sure why because America) but now I’m pissed. And the issue isn't even that I'm pissed, the issue is, why aren't you?

The thing is that when you’re a black person living in America, you’ve already dealt with a lot of issues that people can only imagine; and sometimes they can't even do that. It’s being followed when you’re in the store because of the color of your skin, it’s white people telling you that you don’t talk like a black person as though there’s a way to know what a black person sounds like, it's being told that you’re pretty for a black girl by more than one white person, it’s being told that you got the job because of affirmative action; when in fact white women are the ones who have benefited the most from affirmative action. Don't believe me, do some research. It's being called the N word by a bunch of white college guys (driving by in a truck) while you're walking on your college campus. It is having to explain to your husband why we can't live or travel to certain places in America because of the color of my skin.

And this is just my personal experience. But trust me when I say I have a lot more.

It is having to cancel your weekend plans to drive to see your sister and her family. Why? Because your older sister is worried for your safety because cops are stopping and summoning black people while driving with absolutely no grounds.

It is your sister telling you not to travel to see her without Sean, as she would be more comfortable if Sean, a white person, was in the car with me. This isn’t her being extra but because this week that is what happened to her. She was summoned for inappropriate use of her cellphone when the cop clearly saw that her cell was in her purse. Why didn’t he just admit that he made an error when he realized he stopped her for no reason? The thing was he was stopping her for NO reason.

And I don’t want to hear that stuff like this happens all the time. I know the reason why she was stopped, she knows the reason why she was stopped. She also knows that it is because my niece (sleeping) and nephew (singing) were in their car seats that it did not get ugly when she asked (politely, sucks that I feel that I have to add that) why she was being stopped.

I’ve been in the car with Sean (SO MANY TIMES!) going over 30 miles per hour and he being given warnings to slow down. One state trooper actually told him to, "Slow down bro". And trust me, every.single.time he should have been given a ticket!

It’s a sad and scary world we’re living in. Some of y’all are truly lucky because you don’t live with constant worries about things that people of color worry about. We worry about the same things you worry about (family members getting sick, losing a job, death of love ones, etc) but then we get added worries about being treated poorly or just killed because of the color of our skin.

And when the president of the United States actually says that those protesting Nazis are just as bad as Nazis, how can any one of color be safe?! How can people still stand with and behind a president who does that? To be honest, I’m glad he said what he did. Because there’s no sugar coating it. There’s no, he didn’t mean what he said. He said it; loud, proud and clear. And if you decide to still support him then you’re just as bad as him. Yes, I said it, you are just as bad as him. I’m not going to make excuses for people who say they aren’t racist but CLEARLY don’t mind racism. If you don’t mind racism then you are racist. Plain and simple.

Forget your political party (let's be honest, none of them care about us!), it is no longer about that, and if you didn't know that by now you haven't been paying attention. Seriously, it must be so nice to live in that world.

I just wish there is an undiscovered land that we could find to have all these pieces of shit dumped on and left to figure it out on their own. You want to live in a world with people that only look like you, then by all means find that place and go there. Leave the rest of us to live in a world full of beautiful diversity. It is no longer even about tolerance. It is about being a damn good person.

Just be a good, decent human being, that isn’t fucking racist.

P.S. I would normally apologize about the cursing, but I'm not sorry. Racists deserve all the fucking curse worlds in the dictionary.


Laura Darling said...

You're right, it isn't about political party anymore, it's about right and wrong. And it's so disheartening to see how many people are landing on the wrong side.

Joy B. E. said...

Girl, this post is everything! I know the feeling. Have encountered a lot of the experiences you described and honestly am often at a loss for words. There is no excuse for racism. People say they are christians and doing what God wants BUT fail to accept ALL of his children.
It is sad and I keep praying that God will reveal himself to us more.

cashanamusings said...

From the woman from Montgomery, AL, this was everything I have wanted to blog but couldn't.

Kwala G said...

HELL YES! You've once again nailed it! Everything I've been saying and wanting to say! Love it!

Rania said...

I haven't been on Blogger for some time but you were one of the bloggers I used to follow religiously. Fast forward to entering the rabbit hole of years of missed blog posts and viola! I run into your blog again and so happy I did. Couldn't have said all of this any better than you have already! I am praying and hoping and wishing to all that is good that this terrible racial climate finally comes to a head, is dealt with and run over into oblivion like a mac truck over a snake on a hot desert road. I can't believe we're still doing this in 2017 but then again, I'm really not.

Glad you see you and your husband are well and here's to a revolution of positive thoughts and actions by all against the evils of racism in the coming years.

Emily Jane said...

Yes, this whole thing is disgusting and evil. The KKK plans to rally in my city and the capitol next month. Like I hope a mob of people set your robes on fire. That might not be the most Christian thing to say, but alas I do not care. Hating people for the sake of hate, negativity, or to "belong" to something is awful.

Don't get me started on Trump, there was never any doubt that he wasn't a racist pig.

As you know from one of my previous posts, I never had an "issue" with the police unless I've had a boyfriend in the car who is black. It's real, and it happens consistently day-in and day-out. I'm sorry for what happened to your sister and to yourself as well.

& I agree people should work on decency and kindness and stop breeding hatred.

Law_Fal said...

so real and so true. scary times we live in......

Jennifer said...

Oh it grieves my heart to hear some of the things you've experienced. I think I've lived in white-girl ignorance for such a long time and really felt clueless to some of the issues and problems that have been going on until more recently. I couldn't vote for Trump for many reasons, but the biggest was that he was blatantly racist and clearly feels superior to others. I don't understand how ass backwards things have gotten and keep getting. How you have felt or been treated is NOT okay in this country. It's so not okay.

Jasmine H. Duffy said...

I'm so sorry.

It's so sad to have to admit that we haven't made the type of progress we should have made by now. It's even worse that we now lack the leadership to move forward.


EAD said...