Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Summer Bucket List: Go to a music festival

I've not been wanting to blog and it isn't because I don't have anything to blog about. I do, but I just don't feel like doing it. I don't know. Hopefully that changes soon but I figured that I get this post up since summer is coming to a close.

OK, let's talk about a good weekend! Sunny days, warm evenings & time spent with great friends does amazing things for the soul.

Several Saturdays ago, Cinthia and I went to a girlfriend's (Krista's) house for some pool fun. There were snacks, drinks and great conversations. If someone told me before we moved to Pennsylvania that I would be loving living in Pennsylvania so much I would not have believed them. But somewhere along the line Pennsylvania has become so much like home to me and I can't picture myself anywhere else right now. And, well, I forgot to take pictures. What?! Me?! #bloggerfail

After the pool, we headed home to get ready for Musikfest. I look forward to Musikfest every year and to be honest it is because of my absolute favorite corn in the world! I get the happiest and giddiest feeling when I know that I am just a few minutes away from indulging in this corn. If there was a way that I could share with all of you that way you could also know of the goodness, I would! This festival I took three to go right before we left for the night and I think I'll do that every year now. #inserttongueemojihere.


IMG_7451 IMG_7453


IMG_7460 IMG_7468


IMG_7470 IMG_7471


We enjoyed a fun evening of listening to musicians, stuffing our faces (fried dough not pictured) and just enjoyed a nice summer night. Ya know what? I'm really going to miss summer.


Laura Darling said...

I've only gone once but I think I need to go back next year and try that corn!! Looks like fun. So glad you are loving PA! :)

Emily Jane said...

Understood! Sometimes I don't FEEL like blogging either. I've never had more going on and wanted to discuss it less. Amazing how that works.

You didn't want your camera to be anywhere near a pool anyway ;) I loved all the photos from the music festival.

Beautifully Candid said...

I can completely relate to the feeling of not wanting to blog. But then I see all of the comments on my posts and I get excited to connect with everyone and be able to relive these moments again. It's such a catch 22. This festival looks like a lot of fun and I am loving your top!! Beautifully Candid

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I can relate to not wanting to blog too. Lately I'm just too sleep deprived!! Anyway, that looks like a fun festival. I usually don't get the corn unless I have toothpicks!! LOL>

Keshia Langevillier said...

great as an event! These moments must be superb


Joy B. E. said...

I am so glad PA is starting to feel more homey to you. Adjusting can sometimes be hard but you've typically embraced it. That's awesome.
So what's in the corn? I'm eager to know.

Carla said...

Gotta love summer music fests!

Glad you had a chance to enjoy yourself. :)