Thursday, August 8, 2019

Family trip to Orlando Florida


Sean and I arrived in Orlando several hours before Sean's family arrived so we went to Disney Springs to check it out. It was so lively, full of lots of shops and restaurants and I wish we could have stayed a little longer. We grabbed a quick dinner at Bongo’s Cuban CafĂ© and then headed to the airport to pick up Sean's family.

IMG_0723 IMG_0730


Me and my glow in the dark lipstick (insert multiple laughing face emojis here)

IMG_0736 IMG_0740




Sean's Cuban sandwich
(I don't eat ham so I've never enjoyed a Cuban sandwich)


Sean and I rented a sports car which was so much fun for our niece and nephews.
Each day it was a fight on who would ride with Aunt Faith and Uncle Sean, haha.


After we had picked up Sean's family we were immediately at the pool.
We spent a lot of time enjoying our hotel's pool area during our trip.




Sean and I decided to explore downtown Orlando one afternoon but we soon realized that there was not much to do there. Maybe it was us not doing proper research but we didn't explore long before we were back at our hotel enjoying the pool once again and reading some books.


IMG_0757 IMG_0758

I love trees



IMG_0767 IMG_0771

Also never met a palm tree I didn't like

IMG_0778 IMG_0781

After we were done exploring downtown Orlando we had lunch at Froggers Grill and Bar.


Back to the pool and reading my book.
Not quite sure why it is taking me so long to finish since I am really enjoying this book.


We stayed in Old Town, Kissimmee which is a cute little area. They had a carnival/fair going on right across the street from our hotel which was perfect for the kiddos. They had plenty of restaurants, shops and fun activities that the kids really enjoyed.







We also decided to spend two days in Daytona Beach that way we could spend some time at the beach. That was a lot of fun and it brought me back to my college days when me and my girlfriends went to Daytona Beach for spring break.

Sean's dad is a huge fan of Nassar so of course we had to stop at the Speedway and get some cheesy pictures.



IMG_0795 IMG_0799



We enjoyed the beach and of course explored the boardwalk.
We also happened on a cheerleading competition which was really neat as well and saw the winners at the end of the day.






Overall, it was a great family trip and I hope it is something we can do for years to come.
I hope you're all having a wonderful week! ♥


  1. I've never been to Orlando, is the whole town Disney? lol

    Glow in the dark lipstick sounds fun! LOL I haven't worn lipstick in years.. I just where a nude tinted gloss. I'm boring.

    I don't think I'd like a cuban sandwich I don't care for pickles or mustard.

    The sports car sounds fun! I mean you are in Florida... you should ride in style.

    Aye! Gabrielle Union- she grew up in Omaha. I think she's the only big-deal celeb that has... No wait... Malcom X was born here.

    The beach looks lovely! Sounds like a wonderful trip.

    1. Surprisingly it isn't all Disney, lol!

      A few people complimented me on the lipstick ... I don't know if they were making fun or not, haha!

      I don't care for mustard but I LOVE pickles.

      It was so much fun. Every time we go anywhere in a warm climate I'm going to request a sports car, so fun!

      Malcom X ?! Now that's awesome!

      I hope you're having a great week.

  2. I haven't been to Disney in so long. Is downtown Disney still there> There used to be a fun club there.
    Did you always not like ham? I only eat it once or twice a year but I don't mind it in a sandwich(when and if I eat sandwiches. I don't love bread). I have a friend that hates sausage patties. It's so weird to me since I love sausage and bacon(only pork). LOL!
    How's the book? I keep saying I'm going to read it.
    Looks like you had a great trip!!

    1. Yes, but now it's called Disney Springs! I wish we could have spent more time exploring because there's so much to do there!

      I didn't grow up eating any type of pork so I just never ate it. It wasn't until I met Sean that I tried bacon and that I'd eat as long as it's kinda burnt, lol. I hate sausage patties too, haha!

      It's good and really funny! I'm taking forever to read because I've been so occupied with other things. I need to get it together.

      It was :) I hope you're having a wonderful week!


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