Friday, June 16, 2017


The picture below is a random picture but last weekend we were driving and Sean turns around and says, "we have to check out that view". We had never seen this view before and we jokingly called it our "LA view" in PA. See? I told you, random.


feeling disappointed that we were suppose to close on our third rental today but the seller did not clear the title and still has liens on the house. We've decided to walk away because this isn't the first issue with the seller and I believe that if things aren't going smoothly, it's God's way of telling you that whatever it is that you're seeking isn't what you need.

loving that the pictures I took for an engagement ceremony last Saturday turned out pretty good. I’ll share them in a future post when I’m done editing them. You all know how much I get carried away when I take pictures so I really need to narrow them down.

craving Thai iced coffee so I think I'll have Thai food for lunch today, yum!

needing to go through my closest and purge. Around this time of year, I add a few new pieces to my wardrobe which means that I have to let go of some pieces as well. It's tedious going through all my clothes but so necessary.

thankful that I woke up this morning. I get the chance to do better than yesterday.

excited that it’s Fri-YAY! And yes, even though this weekend's weather is not desirable, two days off from work is always welcomed.

reading nada. I’ve been binging on Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Netflix just gets me.

wanting the weather to be crap during the week and perfection during the weekends.

missing Cinthia already. Today is her last day at our job and I’m so sad. It has been wonderful working together for the last three years but I’m glad that we were able to build such a strong friendship during this time. I did a little stroll down memory lane and I couldn't help but smile to see the first post I did of Cinthia in 2015.

in disbelief that my little sister is getting married in a few weeks. To me, she is still a little girl! I'm pretty sure she doesn't appreciate me saying that but I can't help it. Who can I talk to, to slow down time a bit?

wearing a black maxi dress with a striped black and cream cardigan and black flats.

wondering what you would like to read on this blog. After I received the request to share more house posts, I started thinking about what you all would like to see on this blog. This girl would like to know!

hoping that you all had great weeks and have amazing weekends! ♥


  1. I'm currently binging on House of Cards too! Have a great weekend!

    Curls + A

  2. I need to go through my clothes too. I've been putting it off but it's getting to the point where it's making me mad every time I open my closet because I can't find anything! I'm going to give a bunch to my sister and head to Goodwill with the rest!

    Beautiful LA/PA view!

    Enjoy that thai food, sounds delicious! I've never had thai iced coffee!

  3. I am the same exact way with the weather. Give me all the cloudy skies during the week but please let the weekend be nice. Are you also into real estate investment?! My husband and I own a few properties too. I completely agree with you, there are so many times we've looked back and seen God's hand in each and every deal that's either gone through or it hasn't. I need to clean out my closet too but I keep putting it off. Have a great weekend and let's hope the forecast gets it wrong this weekend. Beautifully Candid

  4. Reading your blog is s constant reminder (to myself) to enjoy today. There's beauty and value in looking toward tomorrow but enjoy today!

  5. Definitely an amazing view.

    I tend to always want it to rain during the week as well. And on those weekends where I've actually made plans to remain in the bed, I wish for rain. LOL!

    I've been drooling over your IG posts about your home and it has definitely inspired me with my rebuilding process. I'd love to see more of those.

    And as always, I love your picture heavy posts. :)

  6. HA! I love your LA view!!
    I wish the week days were cool, cloudy and kind of dreary. But weekends? Give me perfect weather!!
    Your house pics kind of gave me the push I needed to convince Scott we need to do some home remodeling! We had a contractor come over yesterday to get the process started. Does it involve a bigger closet for me? Why yes, yes it does.

  7. I need to purge my closet too. I think I will do that this week. It's so stressful going through my clothes and finding things I don't think flatter me anymore and wishing for X,Y or Z. I always struggle when the seasons change. Congratulations to your sister! My cousin is getting married in Sept. and her shower is coming up soon. I love wedding stuff!

  8. That definitely looks like an LA view! I would love to see more home, fashion, food, and traveling posts! And really anything that comes from your heart because those are always so relatable. Hope you guys find another rental soon and congrats to your baby sis! <3

  9. You are so right about God's plans. I find that often when I try to force things to happen, it almost never does OR when it does, I realize it isn't what I really wanted in the first place.

    I'd love to read about how your hair journey is going and also see the engagement pictures you took. :-).

    I hope you had a lovely weekend!

  10. " if things aren't going smoothly, it's God's way of telling you that whatever it is that you're seeking isn't what you need." <--- SIGHS... remind me of this when it comes to relationships. I might be over-sharing on this one.

    Anyhoodle, I need to purge my closet (and Dominic's closet) too. UGH ! I wish it'd purge itself- lol.

    I completely spaced Orange is the New Black. I need to get on it. I haven't heard any major reviews about this season.

    Congrats to Cinthia, and I hope you two remain close <3 Also, congrats to your little sister too.

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  12. Currently playing catch up on your life...


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