Monday, December 16, 2013

Restaurant Highlight: Thai Thai 2 & Los Amigos

I had a pretty good weekend. It is peak season at Amazon (since Black Friday) so Sean is only getting one day off per week and has 13 hour days until Christmas Eve. Pretty crazy. I feel so bad for him because he looks tired. On his one day off (Saturday) we had his rugby Christmas party. I brought my camera but did not take one picture. I'm surprised too. We had such a great time that right now I'm wishing I took a picture or two. The women's rugby team decorated the banquet hall so beautifully but I just wanted to hang out with Sean instead of worry about camera settings since I'm missing our time together. But Nicole (one of the rugby ladies) snapped this picture of the two of us with her phone. I'm trying not to think of how much nicer this picture would have been had I just taken out my camera. I live & I learn ;).
Just 1.5 weeks to go for peak season and I get Sean back! I hope you all had great weekends!

Alright, on to the reason for the post ...

Several Wednesday's ago, Lisa and I checked out Thai Thai II for dinner. We take turns on restaurants we want to try and I had been in the mood for Thai food so it was no surprise that it was my choice for the week.

I hadn't had Thai food since my visit to the city over the summer so I decided to have my favorite - the simple chicken & shrimp pad Thai for my entree. For my appetizer, I chose curry puff and this was incredible! If I could do it again, I would have just ordered the puffs for my dinner. It was just too good! Lisa ordered a pineapple fried rice (not pictured) for her entree and a spring roll for her appetizer. The spring roll and pineapple fried rice was OK but lacking in flavor. I was clearly the winner that week, ha.

There are a few more Thai restaurants that I want to try in our area before I'll go to Thai Thai II again just to compare but I give it 3.5 stars out of 5 just because it does not compare to my favorite Thai place in the city.


Last Wednesday, we went to Los Amigos, a Mexican Restaurant for Lisa's choice. I love Mexican food so it is my mission to try every Mexican Restaurant until I find my favorite. I have to say that this one was even better than the one Sean and I went to last! This place also came with complimentary chips and salsa which I'm finding that I really like about the Mexican restaurants around here. I ordered a platter of different foods to try and Lisa ordered tostadas for an appetizer. They were delicious and a bit too much. We decided that we could have just ordered one of the appetizers to share and then our entrees. For an entree I ordered Pollo Acapulco (Chicken breast stuffed w/crab meat, spinach, shrimp and mushroom sauce. Lisa ordered a steak meal that came with potatoes and veggies. Our food was delicious and my leftovers were still great the next day. The service was a little slow (our waitress was friendly and sweet) but when you order as much as we did for our appetizers the wait isn't as bad.

We rated the restaurants again and this is how it goes now!

1. Tapas (still #1) - we can't wait to go back!
2. Los Amigos
3. Aladdins
4. Thai Thai II
5. Nawab (no pictures)

I'm really, really excited for the restaurant we're trying on Wednesday! Crossing fingers that it's good.


  1. I haven't had Thai in a while and I usually get he basic Chicken Pad Thai. Poor Sean with all those hours!!! Tell him to hang in there.

  2. LOVE Mexican food! Everything you posted looks fabulous. I'm sorry poor Sean has been working so much. Overtime though, right?!!

  3. Hey :)
    Your blog is really great-i love it so much. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I would love it ❤ Pls let me know in a comment on my blog
    kisses, Anna ♥

  4. Yum! I love both Thai and Mexican food. I'm glad you'll have Sean back soon, too. That work schedule sounds really rough!

  5. I love trying new restaurants! That Mexican food looks amazing! All of the restaurants here typically give you chips salsa or guacamole depending on the place. One of the perks of living in Texas! Christmas time will soon be over! Fortunately 9 days or so and he can get some REST!!!!

  6. Is it not customary to receive chips and salsa prior to your Mexican meal?
    Your chicken stuffed with crab sounds beyond amazing!!

  7. Dag girl! You even make pictures of water look good!

    All the good looks yummy. I love reading restaurant reviews especially when they come with pictures.

    You and Sean look great in that picture! Clearly, you make even an average camera look good :-).

  8. I'm sorry Sean has been working so much :( boo to that. Hope it changes soon! Y'all look so fabulous in that first picture; love your dress!!!

    That Mexican food is really making me think that's what we need for supper tonight. Yup, thanks Faith..we're going out. Arrrrriba!

  9. I try not to duplicate restaurants and try as many as I can but Tapas is one of my favourite

  10. I'm loving your restaurant reviews! This is something me and A have been saying we are going to do for about a year now. I think with the new baby on the way we will have to make sure when we have a date night we try somewhere new each time!

    Sorry Sean has to work so much, that's tough!

  11. That looks so yummy!

  12. first of all i hate those times i bring my camera and never bust it out.
    second umm i love this thing you are doing with your friend. can't wait to see what you try this week!
    and also can't wait for you to get Sean time back!

  13. holy cow this post just made me hungry...

    and only 9 more days till Christmas!

  14. WHY do you do this to me!??! Oh my love for Mexican food. ;)

  15. you never cease to give me an appetite :o! Ahahah

    xoxo :D

  16. That food looks DELISH! We have some great Thai places in my neighborhood as well. I love they're Tom Yum soup on a cold day.

  17. the food looks delicious.

  18. I just ate my monitor. The Mexican food looks delicious! I've never had Thai food. Mostly I dont' know how to pronounce anything so I just stay away ;)

    It's still a nice photo of you two. I LOVE your dress!

  19. you look amazing!! love your dress for the party! it's so nice to not pick up the camera sometimes!
    i want mexican food right now!!!
    i love that you're checking out all the restaurants in your area!!

  20. What I want to know is how did I get so far behind on your blog!? Sorry for the overload of comments. I love the idea of switching off with someone choosing restaurants every week. I'm gonna have to find someone to do that with! That food looks amazing to my hungry tummy.


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